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Annamaria Recupero has a PhD in Social Psychology and Educational Processes from the University of Rome Sapienza.

She is Junior Researcher at the Department of Social Political and Cognitive Sciences, and she collaborates with the Santa Chiara Fab Lab in research and development projects.

Her research interests include the Research for Design, with a focus on the psycho-social processes involved in the interaction with the technologies, and Research on Design with a focus on user experience design, co-design and design thinking methodologies.

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching activities

Completion accademic year: 2024/2025

Course year: 1 Second cycle degree (Laurea Magistrale) COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES A.Y. 2024/2025

Completion accademic year: 2023/2024

Course year: 1 Second cycle degree (Laurea Magistrale) COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES A.Y. 2023/2024


Ultime pubblicazioni:

  • Teverini, G., Recupero, A., Marti, P., Caponi, A., Mastrodonato, S. (2023). More-than-human health for the responsible innovation of wearable medical devices. RIVISTA ITALIANA DI ERGONOMIA, 26, 9-25. - view more
  • Marti, P., Recupero, A., Regal, G., Sackl, A. (2023). Bringing Culture to People: A Co-design Method for Redefining the Role of the Museum. DIID, 1(81), 134-145 [10.30682/diid8123j]. - view more
  • Recupero, A., Marti, P., Regal, G., Sackl, A. (2023). Service co-design to envision the transformation of museums. In Life-changing design: proceedings of the 10th Congress of the International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR 2023) (pp.1-24) [10.21606/iasdr.2023.426]. - view more
  • Massari, S., Marti, P., Recupero, A. (2023). Designing digital technologies for sustainable transformations of food systems. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD DESIGN, 8(1), 3-12 [10.1386/ijfd_00048_2]. - view more
  • Marti, P., Massari, S., Recupero, A. (2023). Transformational design for food systems: cultural, social and technological challenges. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD DESIGN, 8(1), 109-132 [10.1386/ijfd_00053_1]. - view more