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Giuliano Bocci obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Siena (2009).
He worked at the University of Siena, University of Bologna,  École Normale Supérieure (Paris), and the University of Geneva. His theoretical and experimental research focuses on syntax, prosody, and their interplay with information structure.

Office hours

11:30-1:30, Tusday

Room 328, DISPOC
3rd floor, San Niccolò

via webex


Teaching activities


Ultime pubblicazioni:

  • Bocci, G., Bianchi, V., & Cruschina, S. (2020). Focus in wh-questions. NATURAL LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTIC THEORY, 1-51. - view more
  • Ur, S., & Bocci, G. (2019). Syntactic Cartography, 1-20. - view more
  • Bocci, G., & Cruschina, S. (2018). Postverbal subjects and nuclear pitch accent in Italian wh-questions. In R. Petrosino, P. Cerrone, & H. var der Hulst (a cura di), From Sounds to Structures. Beyond the Veil of Maya (pp. 467-494). Berlin, Boston : DE GRUYTER. - view more
  • BIANCHI, V., BOCCI, G., & Cruschina, S. (2018). Syntactic and prosodic effects of long-distance wh-movement in Italian. RIVISTA DI LINGUISTICA, 30(2), 59-78. - view more
  • Servidio, E., Bocci, G., & Bianchi, V. (2018). (Dis)agreement, polarity, and focus: Answering negative polar questions in Italian. GLOSSA, 3(1), 1-28. - view more