Ricercatore Legge 240/10 - tempo determinato

Teaching activities

Completion accademic year: 2024/2025

Course year: 3 Full cicle (6 years) MEDICINE AND SURGERY A.Y. 2022/2023

Completion accademic year: 2023/2024

Course year: 3 Full cicle (6 years) MEDICINE AND SURGERY A.Y. 2021/2022

Completion accademic year: 2022/2023


Ultime pubblicazioni:

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  • Bergantini, L., Spalletti, M., D'Alessandro, M., Genovese, M., Masotto, E., Cameli, P., et al. (2024). Predictive role of natural killer cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of patients with sarcoidosis. PULMONOLOGY [10.1016/j.pulmoe.2023.11.009]. - view more
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